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New Harmony is a historic town on the Wabash River in Harmony Township, Indiana.



Established by the Harmony Society in 1814 under the leadership of George Rapp, the town was originally known as Harmony (also called Harmonie, or New Harmony). Robert Owen, a Welsh industrialist and social reformer, purchased the town in 1825 with the intention of creating a new Utopian community and renamed it New Harmony. While the Owenite social experiment was an economic failure two years after it began, the community made some important contributions to American society.

New Harmony became known as a center for advances in education and scientific research. Town residents established the first free library, a civic drama club, and a public school system open to men and women.

Many of the town's old Harmonist buildings have been restored. These structures, along with others related to the Owenite community, are included in the New Harmony Historic District. Contemporary additions to the town include the Roofless Church and Atheneum. - Wikipedia

Registered on May 7, 2018 - Greetings. I really enjoy your website. I wanted to suggest a new location as this town is a prime example of a vortex. The town is New Harmony, Indiana. It is located in the south west corner of the state, along the Wabash river (bordering Illinois). The site originated as a religious utopia experiment. The town then was sold to another owner and attempted to become an intellectual utopia before eventually becoming a more "normal" type of town. The town itself could be a historical landmark as there are numerous buildings that are 100+ years old that are still being used to this day. Once you enter the town limits, a change in the air can be felt, as if you stepped into a different time. I don't have any photo/video evidence, but a quick search on google will pop up quite a bit of interesting stuff. The town is a paranormal hotbed and ghosts are pretty spotted in every building in the original part of town. - Bill


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