Sarasota vortex


Sarasota Vortex

  • Sarasota is a city located in Sarasota County on the southwestern coast of the U.S. state of Florida. The area is renowned for its cultural and environmental amenities, beaches, resorts, connections to the Ringling family, and its 'school' of architecture. It is south of the Tampa Bay Area and north of Fort Myers. Its current official limits include Sarasota Bay and several barrier islands between the bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Source: wikipedia

    "Sarasota - Florida's transformative atmosphere is embraced by a circular flow of spiritual energy. The power of this vortex saturates all of Sarasota, and can be noticed in subtle ways anywhere around town. Adding to this already tremendous force is the 40 acre white sandy beach of Siesta Key made up of powdered quartz sand. Actually, a study by Harvard University's geology department found that the sand was 99 percent pure quartz crystal. This is truly important as Quartz is a power mineral. It has an energetic to ability to amplify subtle energies. " - Sarasota – Florida's Spiritual Mecca - Vortex Sarasota


  • 04.29.16

    I have untreatable cancer which I choose to call Mystic Cancer because of all the truly amazing states of consciousness and grace I have found myself in lately. While traveling the back way in to visit a friend in Sarasota last month, I suddenly exclaimed to my husband that I felt a vortex; almost jokingly. I had been in a good place all day, but I was, at once, elevated to a feeling of Oneness that made me cry. Last night, three months after our trip to Sarasota, my husband, alerted me to your site and vortex map, and showed me that, indeed, it was the exact place I had identified that day. Trippy, huh? - C


    Sarasota vortex - I've been living here for over 38 years now. It has gotten crowded with people, due to life have stayed away from the beach. I'm starting to revisit the sands of Siesta Keys and explore it's vortex. - Anonymous


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