sedona Cathedral Rock vortex


Cathedral Rock Vortex

  • Vortex Type: Positive Energy

    This Cathedral Rock vortex was our first Vortex Hunters investigation. Personally, I did not know what to expect. I had read about vortexes on the internet, but never had visited Sedona or any vortex location.


  • Fortunately, we were accompanied by an experienced local vortex guide. Our guide, Feather Jones, has been leading hiking tours and herb walks for over 20 years. I would not have wanted to make the rather difficult climb up Cathedral Rock without her.

    Feather's knowledge expanded far beyond the trail, as we were treated to interesting facts about the geology of the area and many of the botanicals we passed on the trail.

    Our journey began at the Back O' Beyond Cathedral Rock trailhead parking lot, off of highway 179, about 3.5 miles south of the Sedona "Y" (intersection of 89A and 179).

    Like all of the trailheads we encountered around Sedona, this parking area required a Red Rock Parking Pass.

    Cathedral Rock Trail


    I confess that I was a bit concerned after reading the trailhead sign that hinted the 3/4 mile hike, with a steep 600 foot increase in elevation, might require strenuous effort and could be dangerous for a novice. I am a novice both to hiking and strenuous effort. Determined to experience the epicenter of my first vortex, I forged ahead.

    cathedral rock vortex


    Heading along the trail, we followed cairns (manmade piles of stone, used here as trail markers), until we reached a large flat rock shelf about 150 feet up. Momentarily thinking this is where we would set up base camp, it turned out to be only a brief respite to soak in the spectacular views. It was here that our guide shared a soothing ceremony we used to "set our intent".

    The trail from there became steeper and trickier, but it was never too difficult. I followed Feather's instructions and footholds as best I could, that made the difficult areas of the trek go much easier.

    After a rigorous climb, we finally reached a location saddled between magnificent rising spires at the top of Cathedral Rock.

    grandfather rock, cathedral rock


    The exact location of the vortex is on a small rock formation Feather called "The Grandmother Rock", as it is said to cradle visitors in comfort, warmth and energy. As I sat in the arms of The Grandmother Rock, at the vortex epicenter, I was presented with a view of Mother Earth that was well worth the climb. Shielded from the Sun and the wind, I could easily see why people find it a great spot to meditate.

    cathedral rock vortex


    View from the arms of Grandmother Rock. Cathedral Rock Vortex #1 (click to enlarge)

    I attempted to test the vortex with a biofeedback device, but the results were inconclusive. I was too hyped up from the climb. Time restraints limited any further vortex investigation. I recorded the GPS coordinates and after awhile, we headed back down.

    Although I did not feel anything specific at the center of this Cathedral Rock vortex, I was truly amazed how easily I was able to complete the steep climb. As a round, heavy baby boomer, it should have felt like trying to push a cannonball up a spiral staircase. Unexplainably, I felt completely energized throughout the entire journey, with no aches or pains. I felt this extra energy for at least another day. The total hike took a little over 3.5 hours, but we stopped many times to investigate and take photos (a.k.a. rest stops). All in all, it was a very memorable experience. ...vh1

    Cathedral Rock Photos

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