The Gurdon Light

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Vortex Type: Spook Light

This is a remote and dangerous area, especially at night. There may be human and animal predators, including alligators. Visiting this area is not recommended.

The Gurdon Light is a mystery light located near railroad tracks in a wooded area of Gurdon, Arkansas. It is the subject of local folklore and has been featured in national media. The location is still in use by the railroad and is one of the most popular Halloween attractions in the area.


The light has been ascribed various colors, ranging from blue, green or white, to orange, and has been described as bobbing around. Its exact location is said to vary and witnesses have described it appearing at various times of day or night.

According to folklore, the light originates from a lantern of a railroad worker who was killed when he fell into the path of a train. The legend states that the man's head was separated from his body and was never found, and that the light that people see comes from his lantern as he searches for it. In another variation, the light is a lantern carried by railway foreman William McClain, who was killed in the vicinity during a confrontation with one of his workers in 1931.

Some believe that the phenomenon is caused by piezoelectricity from the constant stress that area underground quartz crystals are under. Gurdon sits above large amounts of quartz crystals and the New Madrid fault line. - Wikipedia


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