Sao Tome das Letras Vortex

Sao Tome das Letras vortex


Vortex Type: Energy

Some believe that São Thomé das Letras is one of the seven energy points of the Earth, which is a main attraction for mystics, spiritualists, scientific and alternative societies. All those elements give to the town the title of "mystic". The town's most famous legend involves a mystical character named Chico Taquara who the locals believe to have control of animals and who vanished inside the Carimbado cave long ago. It's not unusual to hear about UFO sightings; many people climb the hill near to the "Casa da Pirâmide" looking for signs of UFOs or aerial phenomena. - Wikipedia

Registered on 5.19.18 by Monique - Two places in Brazil Alto Paraiso, Goias and Sao Tome das Letras, Minas Gerais. Two well-known vortex cities.



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