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Wawel Chakra vortex


Vortex Type: Energy

The Wawel Chakra (Polish: czakram wawelski) - a place on Wawel hill in Kraków in Poland which is believed to emanate powerful spiritual energy. It is believed to be one of the world's main centers of spiritual energy. The Wawel Chakra is said to be one of a few strongest places of power on the Earth, which - like a chakra in the human body functions in (esoteric) energetic system of Earth.


The very center of Wawel Chakra is situated under St. Gereon's chapel which was built in 11th century and is located between Royal Castle and Wawel’s Cathedral - in the north-west corner of Wawel's courtyard.

No evidence of any physical phenomenon are known. So, probably, the nature of the Wawel Chakra ("Wawel Stone") is purely spiritual, paranormal, and transcendental. Or - it is a pure legend.

The Wawel Chakra, or Wawel Stone, or Wawel Lotus or Wawel Power Place is treated as:

a theosophical belief from 1930's (with legendary threads)
a contemporary legend (so called urban legend) from 1980's (but with roots in 1930's)
a place of great interest and researches (and speculations) of contemporary dowsers and geomants
a place of powerful spiritual and healing energy

One of Wawel’s most well-known, but officially unendorsed legends is that of the fabled chakra stone. Chakra stone is believed to be a holy stone, one of seven mysterious energy sources placed in different locations around the world - the seven main energy centres of Earth. Chakra stone guards Wawel’s hill, and thus - the whole city.

There is an assumption that the Earth has seven special places quite like ‘force centers’ of the human body called chakras in the tantric and yogic teachings of Hinduism. Krakow, and specifically the Wawel Hill, is supposed to be one of those holy areas. Also Rome, Jerusalem, and Delhi are usually awarded the same status. - Wikipedia

From Jaroslaw - 20 December 2018


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