Forty foot hole
Photo of Forty Foot Hole, Oklahoma from BaronBrian

Forty Foot Hole Vortex

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Forty Foot Hole Vortex

GPS Coordinates (general area): N 34.712 W 98.687

Registered 02.16.12 by Vortex Hunter vh97

Forty Foot Hole is a natural depression located at the northwest end of the Narrows Canyon. This site, as its name implies, looks like a deep hole in the surrounding canyon.

Many waterfalls are created as Cache Creek flows over the Permian-era formation, making the site a prime destination for hikers during the summer months, when they visit to bask in the cool air and the natural ambiance created by the sounds of the waterfall along the rim of the canyon.

It is located at the northwest end of the Narrows Canyon in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Southwest Oklahoma.




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I am from Fort Worth, TX but my parents grew up in this area, (Comanche County). My dad has taken us several times a year since I can remember to go camping in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. This was and still is one of my favorite spots we go. We used to swim here. I am still not exactly sure what a vortex is, but all I can tell you, is you feel an overwhelming sense of peace, content, and nature when you visit this location. It's perfect. I have attached a picture that I took a couple months ago!

40 foot hole vortex

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