Boynton Canyon Vortex

sedona boynton canyon vortex

Boynton Canyon is one of many areas in Sedona, Arizona that are claimed to contain vortexes.

boynton canyon

The Boynton Canyon vortex is located about 8 miles west of the Sedona "Y". Take 89A, towards Cottonwood for 3.25 miles, then turn right on Dry Creek Road. Go about 4.5 miles and then turn left onto Long Canyon Road. Go another 1.5 miles and turn right at the stop sign. Turn right into first parking area (.1 mile). If you miss the parking area, you run into Enchantment Resort.

How to get to the Vortex

Take the Boynton Canyon Trail, to the Boynton Canyon Vista Trail. Hike around the back side of the rock formation and climb to the saddle between two spires. The vortex epicenter is located on the bare rock on the saddle, a little over .5 mile from the parking area.

boynton canyon

boynton canyon

This was a beautiful area, a short distance from the highway, easily accessible by paved roads. This energy vortex is said to strengthen spiritual balance. The energy from the vortex is claimed to twist many of the Juniper trees in the area.

Upon our arrival, we caught an interesting vortex-like cloud formation (picture above and below). Unfortunately, we did not make to the epicenter of this vortex We took a wrong turn somewhere and ran out of time.

It is possible that my GPS and compass were simultaneously affected by a powerful vortex, though one in the vortex hunters team suggested that it could be due to my inability to follow simple directions.

Vortex Hunters will return to this vortex, to conduct a proper investigation. In the meantime, if you have visited this vortex site, please send us better directions along with your comments, pictures and video. ...vh1

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