The Planetary Grid


This is one of 120 Basic Triangles in The Planetary Grid. I did the best I could with this map. There were no coordinates available, just a drawing. Some of the lines do not intersect as they should.

Very important is that the lines inside the triangles are not ley lines. They are UVG lines, period. A geometric model of Bucky’s that we decided to put out there to see if they had meaning. We were absolutely blasted by ley line researchers for any intimation that they were. Sometimes one of the interior lines in a triangle lines up with what is called a ley line (such as that one in southern England), but it’s important to distinguish between them. Ours was an intellectual research model. I think it’s important to say that. Personally, I think the grid lines are related to individual spirit of living beings. They feel very individual to me. I don’t feel them when I am on them, but I now over all these years see patterns in places where I am comfortable, or vacation, or avoid. The ley lines, on the other hand, seem more localized and attuned to energies within the earth that some humans can sense. (I can’t dowse.) They may not even be connected to grid lines. - Bethe Hagens


If you notice a connection between The Planetary Grid and you (or any thing else that's interesting), please let us know.

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